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Business Opportunities at Caribbean Travel Marketplace in Jamaica

Introducing the Caribbean Travel Marketplace, organized by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA). This event stands as the region’s premier platform for networking, forging partnerships, and showcasing the vibrant offerings of the Caribbean hospitality and tourism sector. Join us as we explore the unique business opportunities and experiences awaiting attendees.

1. Expand Your Portfolio

Marketplace is the sole event encompassing the entire Caribbean region, featuring representatives from over 25 Caribbean destinations, 250 accommodation providers, numerous attractions, and Destination Management Companies (DMCs). This diversity ensures a wide array of products to meet your clientele’s needs.

2. Forge On-Site Business Deals

Three women delegates at Caribbean Travel Marketplace engaging in strategic discussions.

Unlike traditional events, Marketplace facilitates direct business appointments, setting you on the path for lucrative deals. Your time in Jamaica will be spent establishing new partnerships, creating relationships with leaders from across the region, and strengthening existing collaborations. The event is structured to maximize value for your investment, making it an easy sell!

3. Boost Brand Recognition

Position your brand alongside top Caribbean hospitality and tourism industry players. Gain global recognition through exposure to both local and international press, media outlets, Caribbean hotels, resorts, timeshares, villas, tourist boards, hotel associations, airlines, car rentals, and more. With exposure to all types of Caribbean players, you can enhance your presence in the region or solidify your existing foothold.

4. Experience the Charm of Jamaica

Last but most definitely not least is immersing yourself in the allure of the beautiful island of Jamaica during your business trip. Jamaica captivates visitors with its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. During your visit, embrace the opportunity to explore the island, indulge in adventures, unwind with a spa treatment, groove to the rhythm of its music, and savor the unique flavors of Jamaican cuisine. Whether by the beach, atop a waterfall, or in a lively dancehall, Jamaica offers a plethora of experiences to enrich your visit!

With all these compelling reasons it’s hard to refute that Marketplace is a must-attend. From the ability to shake hands and make business deals to exploring and immersing yourself in the region you’re buying from, Marketplace is the place to be for both buyers and sellers of Caribbean travel. 

Convinced? Click here to register for CHTA’s 42nd Caribbean Travel Marketplace.

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