Volunteers picking up plastic water bottles on a beach.


Welcome to CHTA’s inaugural Marketplace Responsible Tourism Day!

New for this year is the Marketplace Responsible Tourism Day, slated for May 23. This event is designed to promote sustainable tourism development, highlighted by giving back to local communities. Delegates will engage in activities that positively impact the local community in Jamaica. This initiative is part of a broader movement towards responsible tourism, emphasizing the need for environmentally sustainable, economically beneficial, and culturally respectful practices in the travel industry

Responsible Tourism Day Activities:
  1. Agricultural Linkages with Tourism – This activity will include a visit to a Croydon Estate that supplies fruits/vegetables to the tourism industry. Activity will include planting of fruit trees and harvesting. Delegates will learn about different types of crops and how they are grown, as well as the importance of sustainable agriculture.

  2. Climate Change and Tourism: Delegates will participate in a Beach Clean-up activity and educational tour at the Montego Bay Marine Park. The park works on conserving and restoring the coastal resources of Montego Bay for the maximum sustainable benefit to traditional users, the community and the nation. It provides effective programmes for public education, financial support, monitoring and interpretive enforcement.

  3. Community and Tourism: This activity will include a visit to the SOS Children’s Village in Barrett Town. Delegates will assist in painting and general carpentry repairs as well as working on the creation of a village farming project – vegetables/fruits – to assist with food needs – eat what you grow/grow what you eat. Delegates will also be encouraged to bring along clothing, tablets, and school supplies for the children of the village. 

* Please stay tuned for links to register for activities. Additional activities will be added soon.