Support Center

Below please find important links and guidelines to better navigate the Online Directory and Event Components:

Online Directory

Please log in to the Online Directory with your individual logins provided (example login ID: 1234.1 – always encompasses a period in the ID) to access the following:

  • Appointment Schedule

    Click Here for Helpful Instructions highlighting the below items:

    • Review & Edit Your Appointment Schedule
    • Send Additional Appointments
    • Send Messages
    • Print Appointment Schedule
    • Please note, the Appointment Schedule is shown in your local time zone based on the time set on your computer
  • Virtual Booth Design

    • The primary registrant contact has the menu item “Booth Design” where they can choose their preferred booth and upload all materials: logo, image, video, and resources. Please note, if you do not have a video to upload – please upload an image in the designated field.
    • Deadline to Upload all Booth Materials: Sunday, May 9, 2021

If you need your Online Directory individual login or any assistance, please email

Virtual Platform

How to Navigate the Virtual Platform

To log into the Virtual Platform, click “Virtual CTM” found in the Online Directory utilizing your individual login ID and password.

Technical Support

Please reference the technical support document below to ensure your audio and video is working properly on the virtual platform.

Event Schedule

We encourage all attendees to follow the provided Event Schedule to maximize the additional networking activities outside of the Appointments.

Mobile App

The Mobile App will soon be available for download in the Apple and Android stores.

The App is called “CHTA Marketplace 2021

Stay Tuned!