Who can attend Caribbean Travel Marketplace?

Caribbean Travel Marketplace is open to companies that qualify under the following categories:

Suppliers – Companies interested in participating must be CHTA members selling Caribbean travel products and services to tour operators. The following company types can register under the supplier category:

  • Accommodations (bed and breakfasts, chains, management companies, resorts, timeshares, villas)
  • Attractions
  • Destination management companies
  • Receptive operators
  • Tourist boards, destination marketing organizations/promotion boards, hotel associations
  • Transportation companies (airlines, car rentals)

Buyers – Participation as a buyer is by invitation to companies that sell and feature the Caribbean as a destination in their programs. Buyers are wholesalers, tour operators (domestic and international) and incentive buyers that must have the ability to secure inventory, sell travel and have the ability to package travel and offer commissionable rates.

Marketing/Media – Companies interested in participating must be CHTA members that promote or sell marketing products and services to Caribbean suppliers. The following company types can register under the marketing/media category:

  • ​Ad agencies
  • Data collection
  • Distribution systems
  • Hotel franchises
  • Magazine advertisers
  • Marketing products
  • Marketing representation
  • Media (print, online)
  • PR agencies
  • Publishing companies
  • Research companies
  • Reservation and revenue services
  • Website development and booking engines

What type of companies are not eligible to attend Caribbean Travel Marketplace?​

Companies that are providers to the hospitality and tourism industry and that provide products for the hotels. CHTA Allied members, except magazines and marketing related services cannot attend this event.

What is the format for Caribbean Travel Marketplace?

The two day event consists of pre-scheduled appointments between suppliers and buyers. Caribbean Travel Marketplace is not a typical trade show as the main objective is for suppliers and buyers to conduct negotiations that benefit the region.

Is the event open to visitors and/or general public? Are spouses allowed to participate at any scheduled event?

Due to the business nature of the event, only registered delegates are allowed at the event, including social functions. Tickets are not sold for social events as these events are considered a networking opportunity.​

What is the proper attire for the event?​

The recommended attire for the event is business casual; however, please note that the selling floor is air-conditioned; therefore temperature could be lower inside the floor.


As a Supplier, can I attend Caribbean Travel Marketplace without Purchasing a Booth?

No, due to the business nature of the event, Supplier participation at Caribbean Travel Marketplace requires the purchase of a booth. The booth serves as a meeting area where the appointments take place.

Why do I need to identify a Primary Delegate?

The primary delegate is the person at your company that is designated the main point of contact for communication regarding the registration process. The primary delegate is the only delegate to receive all registration correspondence (i.e. Appointment Schedules and Registration Confirmations). The primary delegate is responsible for notifying CHTA in writing on company letterhead of any registration changes, cancellations or additions.

What is the process to collect credentials at the event?

Registered delegates must visit the registration desk during the registration hours noted on the program to collect their credentials. Credentials are prepared in envelopes by company name. Each delegate must be at the registration desk to collect the materials.

What is the policy for Name Badges?

Each registered Delegate is issued a name badge along with a wristband, which is for use only by the Delegate named on the badge. The badge and wristband must be made available to the security guard for entrance to the selling floor and working lunches. If requested, Delegates must be able to produce photo identification to match the name on the badge. If the badge or wristband is lost during the event, the replacement fee is U$25.00 per item lost.

Misuse of Delegate badges, which includes sharing, rotating or exchanging badges, registering a delegate that represents a CHTA member who does not qualified to attend the event or is an expired member is not allowed, and any Supplier company/delegate found misusing Delegate badges will be removed from the Caribbean Travel Marketplace Business Floor with no refund of fees paid.

Should I arrange for airport transfers in advance?

Delegates could arrange their airport transfers directly before the event. Buyer delegates receive complimentary round trip transfers by presenting the voucher which is sent prior to the event.


How can I get the most of Caribbean Travel Marketplace?

CHTA recommends that each delegate review the How To Get The Most Of Caribbean Travel Marketplace. This document identifies the steps that you need to take before, during and after the event as it relates to the appointment process.

When can I request appointments?

The passport which provides access to request appointments is available in October. All appointment taking and sharing appointment delegates will receive a notification when the passport is available. The deadline to submit pre-scheduled appointment requests is noted under Key Dates.

How many possible appointments are there?

There are 44 appointment slots. Each Buyer appointment taking delegate can have up to 44 pre-scheduled appointments.
For suppliers, the amount of appointments is based on the booth size:

  • Shared and Small Booth – up to 44 pre-scheduled appointments
  • Large and Mega Booth – up to 88 pre-scheduled appointments

How can I schedule additional appointments?

Additional appointments can be scheduled on-site at Caribbean Travel Marketplace. Business Appointments, Social Events, and anytime prior to Caribbean Travel Marketplace are perfect times to schedule additional appointments. Study the Passport to identify companies of interest. Then, seek out representatives of those companies and schedule appointments at mutually convenient times.

How are the Appointments Scheduled?

  • Appointments are scheduled by the computer based on
  • Perfect matches – a mutual Buyer and Supplier request
  • Buyer only requests for supplier
  • Perfect matches between Supplier and Media/Marketing Sponsors
  • Supplier only request for Media/Marketing Sponsors

The system schedules the request based on the order the appointment requests are listed. It is therefore important to prioritize your requests for appointments.

What is a Double Appointment?

A single appointment is 20 minutes, with 5 minutes in between each appointment. Only Buyers may request a double or “back to back” appointment of 45 minutes with those Supplier companies with whom they require more negotiating time.

What happens after the appointments are scheduled?

Once the appointments are scheduled, the appointment taking delegate will receive a notification to view the schedule online. The schedule will list all appointments by date and time. You will also receive a prospect list which lists all appointments not scheduled from

  • Companies you requested to see but for whom there was no common time for the computer to schedule the appointment;
  • Supplier only requests for buyer companies – the Buyer did not request to see that Supplier.

Prospect lists will be accessible on the website to Buyers and Suppliers prior to Caribbean Travel Marketplace to permit direct follow up. You should contact these companies to entice them to meet with you.

What are Working Lunches?

The lunches provide delegates with additional time for networking or for appointments that could not be scheduled via the system. All appointment-taking delegates have two appointment periods blocked for lunch during the scheduled lunch time.


CHTA understands that operating a hotel, a villa or a condo/timeshare property is about far more than a comfortable night’s sleep for your guests. It is about Business Management, Advocacy and Marketing within multi-intra islands as well as International. Our association is about what happens behind the scenes – what will make your establishment run smoother, be more cost-effective, and grow your profits. CHTA members have inside access to the key players and resources that drive the lodging industry, and benefit from a network of likeminded executives. While we encourage the primary contact to be the general manager or property owner, our host of benefits transcends marketing, human resources, sales, food & beverage, and other departments. For this reason, we entitle the primary member to appoint other internal associates to also receive the full benefits of CHTA membership. This means that for one price, individuals can take advantage of all the events, educational resources, and communications we offer. Discounts are offered only to CHTA card members.

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For organizations that do or want to do business in the Caribbean Allied Members are organizations with a vested interest in the Hotel and Tourism industry, who use CHTA as a platform to grow their industry knowledge, while networking and conducting business with other members. Primarily comprised of key decision makers in the Caribbean industry, our hotel, villa and condo/timeshare members have the power to sign your dotted line, and we take strides to make our Allied Members visible to this community. If this audience comprises any part of your consumer base, you can’t afford not to join CHTA.

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