The Caribbean Travel Forum a new event for CHTA launched in 2022 focusses on the business of tourism in the Caribbean with specific topics such as multi-destination marketing, intra-Caribbean travel with emphasis on air connectivity, sustainability, technology innovation, labor market, taxation and linkages.

Captains of the travel industry, general managers, thought leaders and government officials will provide insightful and relevant information to the Caribbean Travel Industry including sharing global and regional travel industry data insight, as well as consumer and travel trends.

Discussion topics include Multi-destination marketing, Intra-Caribbean travel with emphasis on air connectivity, new markets, public and private sector policies, sustainability and technology.

Hotel and Attraction Owners, Managing Directors, General Managers, and other executives are invited to attend this event. Together to chart a new path coming out of recovery towards creating a sustainable industry capable of handling future shocks while continuing to drive the region’s growth and development. We encourage you to take this opportunity to participate in the most important discussion and networking opportunity for the future of our industry and our region, a key platform to define the direction forward in our complex public- private sector industry.

The Caribbean Travel Forum is a stand-alone event immediately preceding Caribbean Travel Marketplace.  For more information, please contact CHTA at





New for this year is the Marketplace Responsible Tourism Day, slated for May 23. This event is designed to promote sustainable tourism development, highlighted by giving back to local communities. Delegates will engage in activities that positively impact the local community in Jamaica. This initiative is part of a broader movement towards responsible tourism, emphasizing the need for environmentally sustainable, economically beneficial, and culturally respectful practices in the travel industry.

If you would like to be involved in Responsible Tourism Day, please ensure that your travel allows you to remain in Montego Bay until May 24, 2024. Registration for the various projects for volunteering will open soon!